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We ensure punctual and safe transport of your advertising material to the trade fair

The safe and punctual transport of your advertising material to the trade fair is also one of EXPOLOGISTIK’s tasks. Ideally, we combine the various trade fair logistics tasks into a perfect system that ensures that you, the trade fair exhibitor, can fully concentrate on your goals and your customers.

For us, the shipping of advertising material is one of the cogwheels that belong to this system and – like the transport of the trade fair stand and your exhibits – should be taken into account right from the start when designing the trade fair logistics. For you as a trade fair exhibitor, there are tasks that are tempting to squeeze one or two employees on the eye, because the execution “can’t be that difficult”.

That is also true in general. And we already know from experience that quite a few trade fair exhibitors consider the transport of advertising material, at least for their first trade fair participation, to be a matter that does not require any special planning. But if you have already taken part in one or more trade fairs yourself, then you already know that the smooth flow of even seemingly small things is extremely important for your overall success as a trade fair exhibitor. Especially when something goes wrong.

What should you watch out for when shipping advertising material for trade fair exhibitors?

In everyday life it is not a problem to hand-carry one or two boxes with brochures to customers or business partners. The sales manager or the manager can pick it up himself, put it in the car and hand it over on site.

The transport of trade fair advertising material, however, is different and much more delicate.

After all, the success of your trade fair appearance as an exhibitor is not a “nice to have”, but an absolute necessity as a result of the investment of time, money and manpower in your trade fair participation.

In any case, avoid the mistake of neglecting individual aspects such as the transport of advertising material to the trade fair in the planning.

Possible pitfalls that can result from negligence in planning the transport of advertising material to the trade fair are the following:

  • The advertising material is picked up too late from you for transport and is not on site in time.
  • The advertising material is picked up too early and delivered too early, but cannot yet be received there because neither temporary storage nor on-site storage has been strategically planned.
  • The advertising material is not transported properly and cannot be used at all or not fully on site.
  • The advertising material is picked up on time, correctly stored and delivered on time; But now there are tons of cardboard boxes on the stand that shouldn’t actually be visible at all.
  • The advertising material was stored on the exhibition grounds, but nothing else was organized. At the moment there is no one available who has access and who could bring the advertising material to your stand. Later you will find that your advertising material is far back in a warehouse shared with other exhibitors. Below several hundred kilos of print materials from another exhibitor whose boxes would first have to be removed due to a lack of planning.

In addition, there are many more possibilities that we wish you will never experience for yourself. We know from experience, however, that many of our current customers used to pay dearly to experience firsthand how important comprehensive and professional trade fair logistics are for your success as a trade fair exhibitor.

The more experience you have with participating in trade fairs, the more likely it is to you the importance of sophisticated trade fair logistics including the transport of advertising material to the trade fair. The less experience you have with participating in trade fairs, the more important it is to strategically plan all aspects that have not yet been considered in a professional manner.

This is how the transport of your advertising material to the fair works for you as a fair exhibitor with EXPOLOGISTIK

We prefer to plan a combination of the various branches of trade fair logistics with you from the start, without you having to pay attention to the individual areas yourself. In this way, the transport of the exhibition stand, the transport of the exhibits, the transport of the advertising material to the exhibition stand, the empties logistics and all other aspects of the exhibition logistics can be optimally coordinated and economically linked.

This means that our order does not just begin with the collection of the advertising material. We start with professional strategic planning. Only then can we say with certainty which collection date is optimal to meet all conditions. We take care of the transport of your advertising material to the trade fair, we ensure professional and flexible interim storage, and we ensure with appropriate trade fair logistics on site that you always have all your advertising material at hand for your successful trade fair appearance at the right time.

After the end of the trade fair, we will again take over the intermediate storage until the next trade fair date and the punctual transport there. Or we will ensure that you receive the advertising material you do not need back immediately or at a desired time at your disposal. Our service also applies in the field of advertising material logistics for your trade fair, so that you always have a personal contact at EXPOLOGISTIK. And not at any office hours, but around the clock.

Do not take the transport of your advertising material to the trade fair lightly, make it easy for yourself. We plan together with you and ensure that all questions about trade fair logistics are answered in good time and provide you with all services in an optimally combined manner.

We make sure that your trade fair plans become reality. You can also rely on EXPOLOGISTIK when transporting advertising material.

We give everything for your success – contact us now


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