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No experiments when transporting the exhibition stand – EXPOLOGISTIK will certainly make you look good

For a professional, shipping the trade fair stand is one of the essential elements of a successful trade fair appearance. You have probably invested a lot of time, energy and money in planning and building your entire trade fair presence. The transport of your exhibition stand should then only be a minor matter – you might think.

But when you go to the concrete implementation, you will find that the transport of an exhibition stand is by no means a small thing. This is not about commissioning a trade fair stand forwarding agent to ship some parts from A to B. It is important to accept a logistical challenge and master it successfully.

Which parts have to be available to whom at which time and at which location? What are the access options to the hall and the exhibition site?
Who needs which parts and when? And which elements are stored where and when?

Questions that we clarify in advance in order to create a workable plan and successfully implement it.

That everything arrives intact and complete should not be the goal, but a prerequisite – the art is that everything interlocks perfectly

It is understandable that your first thought when shipping the exhibition stand is that all elements arrive undamaged and complete. But there is more to it. The construction of an exhibition stand on site requires precise planning, because otherwise it can happen that the stand builder needs part A at the beginning, but unfortunately parts B, C, E and F are on top. And unfortunately part D doesn’t arrive until tomorrow. Or your heavy exhibits were stored exactly where the stand is now to be set up.

But the storage space for your exhibition stand is naturally very limited. In addition, there is only a very narrow time window to successfully set up your exhibition stand after transport and to be able to open it on time. For this reason, we ideally combine your exhibition stand transport with the transport of your exhibits and advertising materials and, if necessary, customs clearance. This means that we create a trade fair logistics concept that goes far beyond the basic activities of a trade fair stand haulier. In this way, everything meshes perfectly.

More than a trade fair stand forwarding agency – with EXPOLOGISTIK everything from a single source

Ideally, we handle the transport of the exhibition stand in the comprehensive package of exhibition logistics that is extremely practical for you. We coordinate with your stand builder and create the optimal supply chain for all elements. What if a special exhibit is to be integrated during the stand construction and has to arrive at a certain time? What do you need to consider for empties storage? Which of these has to be transported away and temporarily stored, when and how, and when must be made available again?

In short: What is needed exactly when and where, and how do we achieve the optimal interaction on site through strategic planning of collection, travel routes, temporary storage and trade fair logistics? We research, clarify, plan and realize all this and much more for you.

You have invested a lot of time, money and energy in planning your trade fair presence. We make sure that your plans come true.

We give everything for your success – contact us now


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