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Your career at EXPOLOGISTIK – we were just missing you

Working at EXPOLOGISTIK, what does that mean?

A great job in the event, trade fair and logistics industry?
Colleagues, superiors and general conditions that you find more than okay?
Do you work for clients whom you like to stand by? Deepen your confident language skills in German?
Yes all of that. And much more.

For us, working at EXPOLOGISTIK means above all being part of a strong logistics team that takes its responsibility seriously, does not perform a service according to plan, but is always there for its clients and whose members have the success of each individual project as their personal goal.

At EXPOLOGISTIK, we look more at the results and the success of our projects than at the clock. For us, customer-friendliness does not mean nice banter, but appreciation and respect for our customers through clear words and transparent processes.

We are not speakers, we are doers. How about you? If you agree, then apply online now:

Please send us your application documents including your CV only electronically
in the file formats PDF or JPEG. Maximum file size allowed: 5 MB.

We give everything for your success – contact us now


Phone: +49 7485 998790

Telefax: +49 7485 9987929

Email: hello@expologistik.com

To the goal on all routes

To the fair with hand luggage. Leave the rest to us.

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