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Sustainable trade fair logistics with EXPOLOGISTIK ZERO CARBON

Combating global warming is one of the most demanding tasks of the 21st century. We have set ourselves the goal of creating and implementing a culture of sustainable trade. In this way we will also help our customers to achieve their own ambitious climate goals and to secure the future of future generations.

Global warming is having a dramatic effect on our natural ecosystems. We urgently need effective measures to change this as quickly as possible. The logistics industry alone contributes around 7% to global CO2 emissions. This is why we launched our EXPOLOGISTIK ZERO CARBON environmental program.

EXPOLOGISTIK has been operating CO2 neutral since 2020

Over the past few years, we have discussed a lot in the team about how we can deal with the situation of increasing environmental pollution, change our operating procedures, optimize our working methods and those of our suppliers so that we can stop this process. Even if it is unfortunately not yet possible today in terms of infrastructure and technology to carry out the entire value chain of international logistics in a CO2-neutral manner, it was our first and foremost concern to at least initially present our internal processes in an environmentally friendly manner. We call this EXPOLOGISTIK ZERO CARBON.

For this purpose, we acquired our own office building at the beginning of 2020 and renovated and insulated it using ecological building materials, and we said goodbye to fossil fuels for the operation of our office infrastructure and switched to the latest heat pump technology. We produce all the electricity we use for office and warehouse operations, including heating and hot water, using a photovoltaic system and store some of it in a battery storage system for night coverage. And we feed the surplus electricity (in 2020 it was 40.26%) into the supply network until we can soon use it to charge our future “e-mobility fleet”.

Starting in 2010, we digitized and progressively optimized our operating processes and document flows in such a way that our volume of printed matter has been reduced by over 90% over the years. At the same time, the purchase of a drinking water system made it possible for employees to consume mineral water free of charge and thus avoid the use of PET bottles – these are even forbidden here. These are just a few examples, because many other resource-saving measures have also been implemented, so that we operate almost CO2-neutrally as a result. That´s why EXPOLOGISTIK ZERO CARBON.

The global logistics infrastructures compensate

But we also know that the technical availability of climate-neutral vehicles, ships and aircraft leaves a lot to be desired. In the past, developments on this topic have been inadequately or partially not promoted at all and have not really been promoted politically. And attempts to build vehicles with alternative drive technologies usually fail because of economic efficiency and other criteria. Even today, dirty diesel trucks, seagoing ships with heavy fuel oil and aircraft with horrific kerosene consumption are still used in the logistics industry. Even if we wanted to, we cannot bypass these infrastructures at the moment.

However, we would not be EXPOLOGISTIK if we did not continuously look for alternatives on the market and offer them to our customers in a pioneering position. Therefore, we are currently planning a cooperation with a specialized company for CO2 compensation to compensate the emissions during the respective trade fair or event transport and will then explicitly mention these compensations on the freight invoices. As soon as we have decided on the most valuable service provider and signed the contracts, we will inform you here.

Nevertheless, the direct avoidance of CO2 emissions is many times better than the later compensation. True to the motto: “Garbage that I don’t even produce I don’t need to recycle later.” That’s why we will continue to do everything in our power to fix our suppliers on compliance with our environmental goals and to motivate them to purchase environmentally friendly vehicles in order to to be able to offer climate-neutral transports in the near future. Promised!

EXPOLOGISTIK ZERO CARBON – so that your trade fair appearance or your event becomes a complete success in a climate-neutral way.

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