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Covid-19 turns everything upside down

The Covid-19 pandemic has meanwhile turned the entire world economy on its head and demands a horrendous degree of flexibility from all economic stakeholders combined with not inconsiderable economic restrictions and losses.

We too – like the entire trade fair and event industry – have to struggle with the effects of the pandemic and have to adapt to new challenges every day. Sometimes there are travel restrictions, sometimes short-term cancellations by the organizers, and often it is also the uncertainty of our customers who put their planned trade fair participation to the test and, ultimately, sometimes cancel them. There are numerous incidents, hourly press releases, daily changes – all in all, not a hoped-for situation.

EXPOLOGISTIK business operations continue to run normally

We too have discussed a lot in the team over the past few months about how we can and want to deal with the situation, how we need to change our operating procedures, how we need to optimize our working methods and office attendance. One thing has always been in the foreground in all the discussions: we are there for our customers!

The business of EXPOLOGISTIK GmbH continues to run normally. Due to the pandemic, we have changed our operating procedures in such a way that we have shortened our office attendance times and switched numerous activities to “mobile offices“. The protection of our employees and their families was the top priority when making decisions.

Our modern IT infrastructure combined with excellent communication technologies makes it possible that you can always reach us via the known contact channels (telephone, email, WhatsApp, etc.) without expecting any additional effort. And if your personal contact is not available immediately, you will be called back in no time. Promised!

The worldwide logistics infrastructures are working perfectly

We can reject all legitimate concerns that this pandemic could include global logistics structures. All transport routes are intact and work perfectly. We can deliver to all trade fair participations planned by our customers without any problems and on time. And that worldwide.

We know what importance your successful trade fair appearance or event has for you. Everything has to mesh perfectly, and we work every day to ensure that it succeeds. But if something needs to be adjusted at any point, a deadline is postponed, something has to be reorganized, then your personal project manager will be in top form and organize the circumstances – just as you are used to from us.

EXPOLOGISTIK makes sure that your trade fair participation or your event will be a complete success even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We give everything for your success – contact us now


Phone: +49 7485 998790

Telefax: +49 7485 9987929

Email: hello@expologistik.com

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